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BCP Alpha Management (an associated entity of Bizzell Capital Partners) is the manager for BCP Alpha Investments Ltd (BCP Alpha). BCP Alpha is a private investment fund focused on medium term investments in unlisted and listed growth companies. 

BCP Alpha invests in two broad categories:

  • Core investments; and
  • Active investments.

Core investments are based on a partnership model, whereby the investee company and the fund work collaboratively.

BCP Alpha will make investments and be actively involved with management generally through board representation, and as a result have a degree of influence over the company. The portfolio of core investments is monitored by frequent communication with management and regular analysis of financial and operational results. BCP Alpha Management is also able to provide advice regarding strategic matters, including the evaluation and implementation of acquisition and divesture opportunities, funding (debt and equity) and business planning.

Active investments are based on achieving superior returns through frequent buying and selling. Unlike core investments, BCP Alpha doesn’t take board positions in active investments. 

BCP Alpha seeks to make active investments in companies where attractive investment opportunities exist.  BCP Alpha is opportunistic in relation to these investments to achieve superior returns. Investment opportunities will be based on a broad set of principles, including:

  • Investing in micro, small and mid capitalisation companies that are growth businesses;
  • Taking advantage of corporate transactions (takeovers, mergers, capital raisings, and selldowns); and
  • Investing in companies where securities are being issued or sold below the current market price or fundamental valuations.

BCP Alpha primarily invests in natural resources companies (mining and energy) and businesses which are focused on servicing the natural resources sector.  BCP Alpha also invests in sectors outside of natural resources, these include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Information technology;
  • Financial services;
  • Consumer staples or discretionary; and
  • Biotechnology and healthcare.


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